Vow renewal ceremonies are more popular than ever.  For example, on Royal Caribbean cruises, couples who renew their vows on-board are issued a special vow renewal certificate. Vow Renewals are always interesting weddings because of the wide variety of couples who choose to say “I do” again.  Brandon Mississippi was the site of Scott and Casey’s vow renewal. They had just returned from Jamaica where they were married on the beach. We had some fun with that during the ceremony comparing Brandon Mississippi to Jamaica. The wedding was very small and simple but it was just what they wanted which was to let their family see them say “I do”.  When renewing vows that were spoken just days ago it could be difficult for the couple to “get into” the ceremony.  However, this was certainly not the case with Scott and Casey’s Vow Renewal ceremony was a celebration and allowed friends and family to see them make it official…again.

From a business standpoint I love vow renewals.  The bride and Groom make it very easy on me. Usually they do pretty much whatever they did the first time, but this time they can have people who couldn’t come and can make it bigger and better than before. Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life but there’s no reason you can’t experience that every year, which would be great for us as well! If you are planing a vow renewal we would love to be a part of this ceremony and help you design vows that make the second time around just as special as the first.