Our Mission

This is a day of celebration, if you want solemn lectures and long robes, please call someone else.

Our Mission

What sets us apart?

 Let me begin by saying congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  If you have been looking for a minister or an officiant I am sure you have visited other websites that basically say all the same types of things. What makes us different? The answer is philosophy and delivery. First of all, this is your wedding. No minister or officiant should dictate how your wedding ceremony is designed or what steps you must take (counseling) before your wedding. Most officiants or ministers have a routine and get very uncomfortable when asked to do something different. That is certainly not the case with Affordable Personalized Weddings. We encourage our couples to be creative and to think outside the box.  Personalizing your vows does not mean pasting your name into a cookie cutter ceremony. Of course, we can borrow from the traditional but we are not bound by it. The second part is the delivery, you can write the perfect ceremony and if the delivery  is weak the words will be lost. Ask any one of my couples and they will let you know that I bring an energy to the ceremony that is honest and brings the words alive.  I am not just reading from a page, I am speaking to bride and groom on a personal level in a way that is evident to everyone in attendance.   We promise that your wedding ceremony will be professional but not stuffy, entertaining but not silly, and memorable for all the right reasons.

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I was very fortunate to stumble across Jason’s website. After having a lot of poor luck and difficulty in finding the right officiant for our wedding, I was beginning to give up hope. Jason was like a breathe of fresh air. He was very friendly and helpful in answering all of our questions, really putting us at ease. He and his wife Heather met with us over coffee and really worked with us to make our ceremony very personal and special. We were able to incorporate our boy’s, which was of very deep importance to us and made them know that they were a part of the service. Even threw in a few of my favorite song lyrics!
After going over several options and readings that Jason had prepared, we were finally able to piece together a service that was truly unique and memorable to us. In no way are my wife and I what you would call ‘traditional’ and Jason stood up to the challenge like a true gent. All our guests had nothing but great things to say about the entire everything.
Also as an added bonus, Heather left us with a video of the service that she had recorded from the balcony overlooking the ceremony. Giving us an added perspective of our evening. I will definitely be recommending Jason to anyone looking to make their big day that little more special.
Cameron Barre
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